Pioneers in Sustainable Waste Management

The sustainable development of the environment requires the reduction of waste and the creation of a virtuous cycle of resources to ensure endless life and hope for humanity. In Taiwan, it is estimated that up to 30 million tons of organic waste is generated annually, coming from agriculture, businesses, and households.

Animal Manure Compost: A Natural Environmental Solution

Manure composting refers to the process of using animal manure as a material to create compost. With the promotion of eco-agriculture and the increasing demand for bio-organic fertilizers in the country, farmers have gained a better understanding and recognition of the benefits of using such fertilizers. This has led to an increase in demand for bio-organic fertilizers, which has prompted farmers to start composting animal manure. The main types of animal manure used for composting are chicken manure, pig manure, and cattle manure.

Key Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Development

Facing the living crisis resulting from global warming and the debates over environmental protection, people are asking what the responsibilities an enterprise should take toward its society and environment. The secondary pollutions derived from processing organic disposals in different countries have not only harmed the environment the second time but its pollutants are also insufferable to the human body.

Unlocking the Secrets to a Faster and Efficient Process

Composting is a natural process. You can say it’s the most important recycling process in the ecosystem. Every living thing on the planet eventually dies and breaks down into soil to help new plant life (and, subsequently, every other living thing) flourish.

An Innovative Solution for Promoting Eco-friendly Agriculture

At a very basic level, what to compost is as simple as anything made from organic material, but not all organic material is safe for most home compost piles. The raw materials that go into compost come from organic waste. These green, organic disposables can come from your garden, your kitchen, and even your home at large. The more of it you keep from the trash, the more you keep from landfills.

Harnessing the Power of Worms for Organic Waste Recycling

This type of composting is a combination of digestion by the worms as well as a decomposition process that takes place after the material exits the worm. Worm poop sits for a period of time where bacteria and other microbes continue the decomposition process. The result is a black humus-like substance that, superficially at least, resembles the material produced by bin composting.

An Efficient Solution for Eco-friendly Planting

Traditional composting method is different according to the waste of organic materials to flip and stacked 1 to 3 months time, in addition to time-consuming, there are stinking, sewage, accounting for space and other issues. Therefore, to improve the shortcomings of the traditional composting method, need to use Organic Composting Machine.