Composting Technology & Waste Processing Equipment

Organic wastes are difficultly to handle properly because it usually come with bad smell and dirty water during composting. Although many composting technologies and equipment available in market, time and pollution are still unbreakable issues. However, a novel technology may solve this situation, by combining patented equipment and enzyme, organic waste can be converted to fertilizer in few hour, and most important, without pollutions.

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Why there are no places to deal with organic waste?

Household organic waste often mixed with garbage to be incinerated or land filled, while industrial and agricultural organic waste usually go disposal or burning, all these bring pollutants to our environment.

burning organic waste


fruit and food disposal




Traditional treatments bring more pollution than they solved

The process of traditional compost or fast fermentation are not only time wasting but also bring pollution of air and water, bad odor and pathogen problems. We should seek for more safe and efficient solution.

air pollution

Air pollution

water pollution

Water pollution

disease pollution

Disease Pathogen

Composting-free Technology use rapid and effective goals to recycling waste into resource.

Composting-free Technology can settle all kind of issues of organic waste treatment. It integrated multiple technologies to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer within 3 hours.
composting free technology goals

Multinational patented carbon sequestration technology : retain organic substance in end product.

Composting-free Technology apply innovative enzyme react principle, completely overtake the limitation of microbe decompose mechanism of traditional treatment. It can retain the organic substance without generating pollutants. Composting-free Technology has been acquired for invention patents in more than 40 countries world-wide.

patents and certificates of the composting technology patents and certificates of the composting technology patents and certificates of the composting technology patents and certificates of the composting technology patents and certificates of the composting technology patents and certificates of the composting technology

Multi-type of equipment and treatment volume satisfied all kinds of treatment requirement

Indicated from different requirement and purpose of customers, Yes-sun have developed multi type of equipment and treatment volume, which can meet the requirements from single farmer to government agency.

ECO machine

ECO (>10 Ton/day)

COM machine

COM (<10 Ton/day)

DIY organic fertilizer machine

DIY (<1 Ton/day)

Composting-free formula = Composting-free reactive enzyme + Essential organic nutrients

Composting-free formula includes not only reactive enzyme but also organic nutrients, provides the insufficient nutrients in the original wastes

CFT enzyme picture

CFT enzyme

Essential nutrients-NPK

Essential nutrients

Violation of organic circulation in nature shall lead all kind of disasters

Food source mainly from the soil nutrient absorbed by the plants and transferred. If we can not recycle the organic matter back to soil, it will increase the dosage of chemical fertilizer and cause the degradation of soil and matter recycle chain

Total Solution of Organic Waste Treatment


Factory, Restaurant, Hotel, Market, etc.

Solution of Organic Waste Treatment for Industry


Farm, Livestock, Forrest, etc.

Solution of Organic Waste Treatment for Agriculture


Kitchen waste, life sludge…etc

Solution of Organic Waste Treatment for household