Committed to Responsibility: Embracing Social Enterprise Values

As the world grapples with global warming and environmental protection concerns, people are questioning the responsibilities that businesses have toward society and the environment. Relying solely on government budget allocations or entrepreneurs’ donations for environmental protection may not meet public expectations. Yes-Sun embraces the principle of “giving back to society what has been gained from it.” In addition to maximizing profits for shareholders, Yes-Sun aims to be a responsible business and a member of the “Social Enterprise,” contributing to the greater good and environmental protection.

Secondary pollution from organic waste processing in various countries not only harms the environment further but also poses significant risks to human health. This leads to the continuous waste of valuable societal resources. Our company’s R&D priority is to effectively unlock the regenerative value of organic waste, transforming it into a valuable resource and turning “trash into gold.”

Engaging Scholars and Experts: Collaborating for Innovative Solutions

To address these challenges, our company assembled a robust R&D team consisting of scholars and experts in biochemistry, soil science, botany, environmental engineering, medicine, and animal science, among other fields. Under the guidance of Dr. Chiu-Chung Yang and Dr. Ying-Chieh Tsai, the team has dedicated many years to researching and developing organic waste processing technologies. By combining hardware equipment development with CEO Lee’s expertise in the medical instruments and devices industry, they have successfully validated the practical effectiveness of “Composting-free technology” and “compost-free equipment” through numerous trials and errors. As a result, our Composting-free technology is gaining international recognition.

Who We Are? The Story of Yes-Sun

Taiwan is a stunning island, abundant with mountains, rivers, and creeks that enrich its natural landscape. In the past, commercial development led to an economic miracle, garnering global attention. As Taiwan transformed from a poor, aid-dependent country into a thriving, prosperous nation, environmental pollution became a growing issue. The development of “Composting-free technology” demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection. The process and experience we’ve gained serve as a unique example for developing countries to learn from and reference.

Our Concept & Vision

“Constant innovations and keeping abreast of others” is the management concept that allows us to consolidate our position in the market and bring about new hopes. With the self-expectations to be the world’s No. 1, leading in technology and products, we are not only the bio-technology developers but also the spearheads in consolidating environmental protection through bio-technology.

It is our hope that the “Composting-free technology” is an effective solution to the re-utilization of organic waste and is even helpful in abating global warming and improving our environment. We at Yes-Sun have always considered ourselves as members of the global village. Our enthusiasm and active attitude towards environmental protection have remained unchanged. Minimizing environmental pollution is the goal we strive for. We expect to work together with citizens around the world and share with them the efficacy of the innovative “Composting-free technology,” realizing the vision of environmental protection without borders.