Rapid Composting

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Rapid composting main purpose is to solve the farmers, schools and families using kitchen waste, deciduous compost produced odor problems. Litter is a good source of organic fertilizer, but also a good material to increase the soil fertility, worthy of recycling。

rapid composting machine

Rapid Composting Machine

  • Why do you need a rapid composting machine?

The traditional composting to be stacked more than 12 months, rapid composting only 3 to 8 hours to complete the treatment, saving leaves litter processing time 。

The whole process without waste water, odorless, non-toxic technology。

Rapid composting technology can make the litter leaves do not have to landfill, incineration, composting and other treatment。

The treated products can be used for agricultural fertilizers or organic casing applications。

Rapid composting may be the Key to the future

Rapid Treatment Technology may be the key to solve the problem of organic waste recycling for thousands of years. It has been commercialized by Yes-Sun Environmental, and now been widely supplied to organic industry worldwide.

Rapid Treatment Technology for Organic Waste

The Rapid Treatment Technology is very convenient. By adding enzyme and sub-material, the organic waste can be composted, and odor removed rapidly. The end-product of Rapid Treatment Technology is high quality organic fertilizer and can be applied to various industries. Rapid Treatment Technology can be applied in the processing of organic wastes including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock husbandry, organic wastes and the cause of organic wastes, etc. (Yes-Sun Composting Machine Introduction)

Stabilization Process

There are two ways to stabilize the components in organic waste, composting and Composting-free. While composting requires long time and big space for natural decomposition by microbial, the Composting-free Technology can speed up the entire process by applying enzyme. By using the enzyme produced by micro-organism, the organic waste can be converted into organic fertilizer in just 3 hours while saving costly labor, reducing wastewater and odor generation.

Soil organic matter

The organic fertilizer generated by Rapid Treatment Technology contains 85% organic matter, and the NPK value are 1%, 0.7% and 0.5%. It can be used as soil conditioner to add up the organic matter in soil. The soil is considered unhealthy if the organic content is less than 2%, since the function of organic matter is to maintain the condition of the soil.

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