Organics bans in effect in New York, California


Organics bans in effect in New York, California

New food waste landfill restrictions took effect in New York and California on January 1. In New York, large food waste generators must now donate edible food or recycle scraps. This law, part of the state’s 2019 budget, applies mainly to businesses and institutions generating over two tons of food waste weekly, excluding hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and farms. The state supports these efforts through funding for municipalities, technical assistance, and improved infrastructure for food rescue operations.

California’s SB-1383, enacted in 2016, also commenced, aiming to reduce organic waste in landfills by 75% from 2014 levels by 2025. The state has invested $140 million in organic waste and food rescue infrastructure. SB-1383 includes goals for 2020 and 2025, with regulations developed for achieving these targets and a two-year waiver on non-compliance penalties. The law also mandates reporting on progress and market analysis for organics recycling products.

Additionally, SB-1383 requires regulations to reduce methane emissions from livestock and dairy manure management by 2024. According to the NRDC, such organic waste bans have multiple benefits, including significant climate emission reductions, job creation in composting and related sectors, and improved soil health through composting food scraps.

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