Manure Compost is the real meaning of the use of manure as a material to compost. With the bio-organic fertilizer in the country to promote eco-agriculture, farmers have a certain understanding and recognition of its agricultural market for bio-organic fertilizer demand will continue to increase. So the farmers began to use animal manure composting, animal manure composting were Chicken ManurePig ManureCattle Manure,this three main 。

    • The composition and the treatment of animal manure

      Chicken Manure

      Daily excretion of broiler is about 0.14kg. Absorption efficiency of the feed is low for chicken, so the nutrient content in chicken manure is high. The chicken manure cannot be used directly without treatment. It is because there are various kind of pathogen and parasites (and their eggs), and the uric acid cannot be directly absorbed by crops. The percentage of organic matter and water in chicken manure is about 25% and 70%, and the NPK values are 1.63%, 1.54% and 0.85% separately。

      Pig Manure

      Daily excretion of pork pig is about 1.9kg stool and 3.5kg urine. The nutrient content of pig manure is relative high compare to other animal manure, especially the potassium. And nitrogen and phosphorus content is only lower than sheep manure among all animal manure. The percentage of organic matter and water in pig manure is about 25% and 70%, and the NPK values are 0.45%, 0.2% and 0.6% separately。

      Cattle Manure

      Daily excretion of beef cattle is about 30kg stool and 20kg urine. Due to the feeding style, the cattle manure generally contains more fiber. The water contained is slightly below the high level compare to other manure, but the nutrient content and ventilation are poor. Generally, there are 20% of organic matter and 80% of moisture in cattle manure. The original NPK values are 0.34%, 0.16% and 0.4% separately。

manure compost

    • Integration and recycle of the animal manure

      Although the water percentage of the animal manure is quite high, but it also contains more nutrient than other wastes. By mixing it with other low water and nutrient contained materials (leaves & branches, sawdust, straws, grass cut, etc.), we can cut down the energy consumption of drying process and increase the quantity of the end product, thus add market value。

manure waste treatment

  • The solution of animal manure waste treatment applied Composting-free Technology

    • 1.Add the collected Animal Manure。
    • 2.Composting-free Technology will Mix with proper material after shattering to adjust the water content and SG。
    • 3.Feed the waste into the decomposition tank and add CFT enzyme and additives 。
    • 4. Wet fertilizer can be obtained in 3 hours, which can be directly use or dry。
    • 5.Dry it to powered fertilizer in 8~24 hours. Packed to resell or use directly。
    • 6.Reproduce the end product to grain-like or strip-like fertilizer。
    • 7.The end product can be resold to market or self-use。


    • 1. The wastes recommended to mix with the animal manure are leaves, branches, stalks, etc。
    • 2. The specify gravity of animal manure is 0.8~1.2, and 0.3~0.5 for leaves and branches. Mixing properly can increase the quantity of end product and cut down the drying period。