International Compost Alliance launched


International Compost Alliance launched

The International Compost Alliance, formed by compost organizations worldwide, aims to raise global awareness and understanding of compost’s benefits. This voluntary partnership focuses on promoting solutions for climate change mitigation, soil health, and food security, leveraging the collaborative efforts of organics recycling organizations. Despite its effectiveness and affordability, organics recycling is underutilized in addressing climate mitigation and methane emission reduction goals.

The alliance was launched on World Soil Day, emphasizing the multiple benefits of compost, including enhanced soil health, improved crop productivity and nutritional value, better water quality, and support for biodiversity and natural resource preservation. It also plans to engage in collaborative international research initiatives.

Founding members include various international organizations committed to renewable energy, clean technology, and waste management. The alliance welcomes any membership-based organization sharing its vision of advancing organics recycling and producing high-quality compost.

The alliance emphasizes compost as a dual-benefit solution to climate change, reducing emissions through organic waste recycling and enhancing soil when used. It seeks to foster global collaboration on composting to ensure its central role in addressing climate change and enhancing soil health and food security.

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