Organic Waste Composting Machine

Traditional composting method is different according to the waste of organic materials to flip and stacked 1 to 3 months time, in addition to time-consuming, there are stinking, sewage, accounting for space and other issues. Therefore, to improve the shortcomings of the traditional composting method, need to use Organic Composting Machine.


The features of the organic composting machine are as follows:

Fast Composting
「Time is money」,This technology can be 3 to 8 hours to complete the processing procedures, saving time of organic waste treatment is to save money.

Save space
Because of the high efficiency of the mechanical treatment equipment, space is very small, than the traditional composting method to save space 1/50 ~ 1/100。

No secondary pollution
This technology has no waste water and odorless, non-toxic characteristics。

Saving operating manpower
Because using of automatic machinery and equipment, can be directly operated by a single person。

Reduce other environmental treatment
This technology can make organic waste without landfill, incineration, composting and other treatment。

Organic waste can be recycled
Composting -free technology for agricultural products for fertilizer or feed applications。

Multi-functional soil conditioner and organic fertilizer
Can be used for fertilizer applications, increase crop nutrients, reduce the application of chemical fertilizers, improve soil physical and chemical properties, increase soil fertility, increase crop production and quality。

Multi-purpose feed
All kinds of animal feed (pig, chicken, cattle, sheep, etc.) additives, can also increase nutrients and fillers to reduce production costs。

Kitchen waste, Vegetable residues and fruit wastes, bagasse, sludge etc.


≦ 24 hrs / Batch (depending on water content, not exceed 80%)

Daily Capacity 1000L, 2000L and 4000L are available (Wet Fertilizer)

(1) Torque motor (2) Heat-resistant shaft seal (3) Ribbon blade (4) Double-Sprocket drive

(1) FIR Temperature Sensor (2) Precision Control (3) Thermal Insulation Layer (4) FIR Heating Tube

(1) Patented Cover (2) Cooling Nozzles (3) Heat-resistant Seal Rubber (4) Condensate Recovery Guide Slot

(1) Programmable Control (2) Human Interface (3) Tool Storage (4) Ergonomics

(1)Triangular Cutter Block (2)SKD Cutters (3)Wet or Dry

(1)Feeding of Decomposition System (2)Discharging of Decomposition System (3)Discharging of Shattering System

(1)Parallel Operation (2)Remote Control (3)Operation Records

Treating Process of SUN-500L

1 Shattering System
Bones, clamshell, durian and other hard organic wastes can directly be shattered by a highly efficient shattering system. Pre-treatment or sorting of the hard organic wastes is not required. It is not necessary to add water for shattering the organic wastes into the slurry.

2 Transportation System
This system transports the slurry to the decomposing system.

3 Decomposing System
By adding microorganism, enzyme & organic substrate into the slurry, to reduce greatly the treatment time and achieve fast-treatment efficacy. The organic fertilizer complies with the nutritive requirement.

4 Drying System
This patented system dries the decomposed material by using recycled heat energy in a sealed tank without producing any secondary air pollution and water pollution. The whole process is maintained at a temperature of more than 100℃ for 8 hours to insure the dryness and disinfection of the product.

5 Recycling Products
The products of the process are a high quality soil conditioner or bioactive organic fertilizer, also known as “environmental fertilizer.” It is suitable for the soil improvement and for promoting the absorption of nutrient by crops. When applied to soil, the fertilization efficacy of soil for crops can be dramatically improved.


CFT Organic Compost Machine