Vermicompost is simply to let us solve some of the organic waste, and into the soil nutrients. when earthworms eat again and again from the kitchen waste diarrhea out of manure (when the earthworm eat kitchen waste to digest the kitchen when the machine), the earthworm cycle until the machine is degraded, we can get the vermicompost。


However, do vermicompost also bear the responsibility of heavier. If not take care of Vermicompost , the earthworms will escape, or even collective death. If you can not take the time to take good care of(when the beginning is not familiar with the habits of earthworms will spend more time),or do not take this approach is better 。

  • Vermicompost essential

Earthworms of household composting the best choice of specialized digestion of humus earthworms, such as the red such as earthworms (red earthworms),William ring worms, etc., generally in the fishing shop, flower market also can buy too, of course you can buy on the web 。

In general, the average earthworm composting about 200 grams or 1 kg of earthworms is enough, about 1600-2200 only. Earthworms are hermaphrodites, all foreign mating, so they have three months after the birth of reproductive capacity。

In recent years, European and American families like to use vermicompost to improve the soil in the courtyard, known as the “earthworm factory” of the earthworm composting tools in the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries are common。

If you want to know the production methods of vermicompost, to