Method Compost Fast Fermention Biogas Composting-free
Mechanism Microbes decomposition Microbes decomposition Anaerobic bacteria decomposition Enzyme reaction
Time 3~18 Months 1~3 Days + 30~60 Days 15~30 Days 3~24 Hours
Space 100 m2/ton 20 m2/ton + 50 m2/ton 50 m2/ton 5 m2/ton
Construction $50,000~$60,000/ton $25,000~$50,000/ton $100,000~$200,000/ton $35000~$50,000/ton
Treatment Cost $30~$50/ton $30~50/ton $30~50/ton $25~$40/ton
End Product Soil Conditioner Soil Conditioner CH4 HQ organic fertilizer
Product Value $5/ton treated $5/ton treated $20/ton treated $120/ton treated
Re-Processing Required High BOD wastewater& Bad Smell High BOD wastewater Organic sludge(~40%) N/A
Re-Processing Cost $5~$10/ton treated $5~$10/ton treated $15~$30/ton treated N/A
Air Pollution CO2、Bad Smell CO2、Bad Smell Greenhouse gas emissions Low Carbon emission
Water Pollution High BOD wastewater High BOD wastewater Wastewater with sludge Clean water
Advantages Reduce the volume Reduce the volume Generate energy Fast, Pollution-free
Disadvantages Time & Space Extra Storage Required Re-processing for sludge N/A
Process Manual or Half-Automatic Half-Automatic Half-Automatic Full Automatic
Limitations High lignin content,Hgh fiber content Hard organic matter,High oil or salt content High oil or salt content N/A
Lifetime Less than 5 years 5 years 5 years More than 10 years
Environment Breed mosquitoes and odor Breed mosquitoes Depends on equipments Totally No Pollution