San Diego completes organic collection rollout


San Diego completes organic collection rollout

San Diego’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) has distributed over 200,000 green bins for organic waste recycling to city-serviced homes. This initiative enables residents to segregate food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings for weekly collection. Mayor Todd Gloria emphasized the program’s significance in meeting climate action goals and reducing landfill waste and emissions. The program aligns with California’s SB 1383, mandating a 75% reduction in organic waste disposal by 2025 and supports San Diego’s zero waste and climate action objectives. Since its January rollout, the program has collected over 53,000 tons of organic waste. There’s been a notable decrease in regular waste and an increase in organic waste collection compared to the previous year. The organic waste is processed at the city’s Miramar Greenery.

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