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The composting has become a well-established process for adding value to a large and growing number of organic by-products. The need of the day is the development of innovative engineered treatment processes to stabilize waste, reduce odor and manage nutrients while saving time and space.


The composting free technology successfully fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria and produces quality by-products within 3 to 24 hrs, while saving costly labor, reducing wastewater and odor generation.

soil hour class

There are different types and quantities of organic wastes which need to be treated.

food recycle

The composting-free technology will adjust its processes and devices based on the type and quantity of organic waste. Yes-Sun’s patented rapid, stable, and non-hazardous “Composting-free Technology” is an innovation based on biophysical principles with an integration of microbial, biochemical, organic and soil technology, ultimately leading to the production of a superior quality soil conditioner and organic fertilizer.

composting free technology

Novel Composting-Free Technology

The novel composting-free technology is designed and developed based on the same metabolic principles of food in the human digestive system.

Urinary System


Urine(recycled water)

Digestive System

digestive system


The compost-free technology subverts traditional methods, while retaining the ancient knowledge of natural composting-free system. Due to the rapid development in several treatment technologies, the existent values in traditional knowledge are ignored by our society. However, the compost-free technology follows the principle of digestive system based on the traditional knowledge. It is easy to understand this composting free process using a model of digestive and excretory system of human body.

Configurations of composting-free devices

Yes-Sun Environmental Biotech Co. mimics the structure and functions of human body and integrates the mechanical and biological activities using this novel patented device. The structure of human digestive system is transformed into a series of units in this decomposition system, which is given in the following figure. (Want to find composting machine?)

Corresponding parts of composting-free system to human body

composting-free system to human body
Yes-Sun composting machine

Traditional Composting Technology

Traditional composting decomposes organic materials in compost into nutrients required for crop growth by alternating operation and co-operation of microbial groups.When the traditional composting is made, the decomposition of organic matter by microbial groups can be divided into three stages: Pre-fermentation StageMain Fermentation Stage Post-Fermentation Stage (Mature Stage)

traditional composting technology

  • Pre-fermentation stage:

    At this stage the main operation of the micro-organisms for the growth of 25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ temperature of the bacteria, at this stage in the mold of life, gas bacteria, tired of bacteria, aerobic bacteria and other co-operation of organic matter Resulting in fermentation decomposition, during which due to tired (too) bacteria, and the operation of gas bacteria, composting will produce odor, this stage due to the operation of microorganisms produce yeast fermentation heat, the temperature gradually increased , When the temperature to 50 ° C into the main fermentation period 。

  • Main fermentation stage:

    This stage is the stage of high-temperature aerobic bacteria, bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi in the high temperature and good air of the organic matter to produce rapid decomposition action. The following three kinds of fungi a little description:

    Bacterial fertility of the main nutrients for carbohydrates, aerobic bacteria on organic matter decomposition rate is extremely fast, in the aerobic bacteria and fungi at the same time the activities of the temperature can be as high as 80 ℃。

    Actinomycetes required nutrients are mainly taken from the decomposition of the protein, fermentation temperature of 70 ℃, will be mainly actinomycetes。

    Fungi for the decomposition of cellulose is very strong, starch, sugar, protein and lignin can be its decomposition. Fungi start activities at 45 ℃, the most favorable growth temperature of 60 ℃, more than 60 ℃ when the activities of its difficult, 62 ℃ is the most growth limit, more than 62 ℃ will die. Due to the characteristics of fungi, so in the (high-speed leavening) operation must try to use fungi for organic fermentation decomposition. At this stage the bacteria due to the relationship between high temperature will be destroyed, to achieve the efficacy of compost purification sterilization。

    ※Note: During composting, the aeration must be frequent。

  • Post-fermentation stage(Mature stage)

    In this stage, the temperature will gradually decline to normal temperature, water content will drop to below 30%, organic fertilizer is becoming stable, mature. In this stage of the activities of the strains of high temperature aerobic bacteria from high temperature aerobic bacteria gradually transformed into aerobic aerobic bacteria can be observed in the actinomycetes, fungi。

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