The sustainable development of the environment must not have too much waste, but not to discard the whole environment in a negative vicious cycle, Only return to a virtuous cycle of resources in order to create endless life, so that humans will have hope。Always come back and forth to the Department, the continuous regeneration cycle, the laws of nature is immortal is the same law。

In Taiwan, according to research estimates estimated annual organic waste generated up to about 30 million ton, the source can be broadly divided into agriculture organic waste, business organic waste, and people’s livelihood organic waste of the three major sources, These wastes can be divided into four kinds of industries,agricultural by-productsagricultural processing by-productslivestock excretamunicipal waste (kitchen waste)。However, organic waste recycling companies currently registered have a total processing capacity of about 3 million ton per annum and it is estimated that about 27 million ton of organic waste cannot be properly reused, Except in part to the incinerator or the pig feed , the rest are mostly reduced to environmental pollution sources。


How to integrate organic waste re-use, is the current government-related units to be urgently urgent to improve the subject, in the past many scholars and scholars have provided suggestions, Although the current composting technology is quite advanced, it is extremely difficult to combine different organic wastes to meet the three elements of fertilizer demand, Because the different waste collection and concentration, we must first solve the following problems: transportation costs, space constraints, pollution control, cost revenue and expenditure, the proportion of deployment ….etc。These are a distant business, no wonder the promotion, subsidies or incentives and a lot of ways, but in the end die a natural death, the success stories of the few。

Now you can choose Composting-free Technology, for the government and the private sector to provide a complete solution, The existing large number of non-place of organic waste, return to the motherland of the original natural environment of the embrace of “soil”, so he continued to breed for us and the next generation to provide a safer and better food source。Composting-free Technology has been established in many countries around the world agents, including the United States, Australia, Turkey, Greece, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Russia, etc. Standardized systems Total number of units sold in more than 200 units, providing local organic waste recycling companies Faster, non-polluting organic waste treatment technologies and equipment。The following part of the practical application of some dealers for reference:

  • Turkey Bxxxxxtar company

It is a large-scale organic waste recycling companies that specializes in chicken manure from chicken farms. The technology used was traditional composting, which took about two months, and the quality of the finished fertilizer was always poor。After using Composting-free Technology equipment and recipes, the processing plant area reduced to 5% of the original, and the quality of finished fertilizer to improve the fertilizer sales in one year increased by 40%。


  • Turkey BXXXXA company

This company has a large area of greenhouse cultivation of mushrooms, Before the remaining space bags of mushroom cultivation need to ask the local organic waste recycling companies to deal with handling, processing costs accumulated considerable, Through our local agents to promote to use Composting-free commercial COM-500L equipment, using of special Composting-free formula will be the original non-nutritional value of the space bag residue organic waste recycling, with the new mushroom materials in accordance with the proportion of mixed use, to zero the effect of waste。