Many countries are facing the problem of waste disposal, and the rapid development of the technology industry also makes the rate of replacement of electronic products increased, the growing variety of waste has become one of the biggest challenges facing environmental protection. In recent years, with the awareness of environmental protection and organic waste recycling technology progress, the concept of material recycling has become the consensus of the environmental industry, organic waste is considered to have the potential for development of urban mineral resources and resources。

organic waste recycle

Taiwan’s organic waste management in the early to negative incineration, burial and other end treatment, and gradually toward the source of reduction and recycling and other management-oriented, to gradually achieve full recovery of waste, zero waste of the target。At present, 《the Organic Waste Removal Law 》and《the Recycling Law of Recycling of Organic Waste 》are adopted in Taiwan as the administrative decrees for organic waste removal, treatment and material recycling。


  • At present, Taiwan waste can be divided into General Organic Waste,、 Agricultural Organic Waste and Industrial Organic Waste

    In addition to the general organic waste recycling organic waste should be included in the “Recycling Management Fund Management Committee” recovery management fund operation mode, the rest of the general organic waste recycling, removal, disposal by the relevant government units according to law.。 Agricultural organic waste is recovered through the recovery of organic waste produced by animals and plants 。 Industrial Organic Waste is classified into General Industrial Organic Waste and Hazardous Waste. The disposal and disposal facilities for organic wastes are generally planned by the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan, and the disposal and disposal facilities for hazardous waste by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industry Bureau is responsible for overall planning, division of labor coordination and promotion。

Organic Waste Recycling in various countries

United States Organic waste has been recycling for a number of years, with the US Government’s policy on waste reduction as a waste of resources and strengthening control of the ban on landfill waste burying and the value of the classification criteria rapid rise in American society。
Korea In 1995, the implementation of the “garbage bag with the bag collection system”, so that people change the way garbage disposal and mentality, and with the waste reduction and resource recovery work. The Korean government has also stipulated that in 2005, all landfills will no longer accept food waste, Seoul, the capital more clear in July 2000, untreated food waste shall not enter the landfill。
Canada Canada’s government departments have stipulated that all recyclable waste should be neatly placed in the recycling box, harmful trash mainly refers to various types of chemicals, especially with contaminated and corrosive chemicals, required by the date to government-designated collection point, or to store that is willing to recycle. Failure to do that may result in fines。