Organic Waste Disposal Issue

In recent years, extreme weather has caused many major disasters around the world In the past people used organic fertilizers to grow farmland ,but now as of the increasing demand for food, human unlimitedly extracted the organic matter from soil (by planting crops to harvesting)。



Coupled with the invention of chemical fertilizer, people no longer use the organic fertilizer, which discontinue returning the organic matter to the soil.。Resulting in soil degradation, and even desertification。 The picture below is Human-induced soil degradation in the world:


#The most serious desertification area is Asia, and this have connected greatly with the frequency of natural disasters 。


What is the impact of organic waste disposal on the human body?

    • Research indicates that

According to the latest study of UC Berkeley, United States,The excessive dose of chemical fertilizers shall greatly increase the greenhouse gases, and may be one of the main reason to cause global warming, But also to our human beings have a very serious impact。

    • The most serious impact on our humanity isFood Safety

The health of crops will surely be affected when the soil is deficient in organic matter . Thus, humans must use more chemical fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate. Just like we need to take medicines when our body is short of nutrition and susceptible to illness。

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides may remain on food , long-term consumption of these chemical toxins will accumulate in our body and cause various disease。Although the nitrate in nitrogen fertilizer is non-toxic, But it will be converted to nitrites after bacterial metabolism in the acidic environment of our stomach。

The excessive nitrites will damage the oxygen carry function of our blood, and cause esophageal cancer, gastric cancer and bladder cancer。


    • Why I dont know about this before?

It is because the neglect of mention about the relationship between organic matter and nature in our education. Government and media also ignore the importance of this issue。

Why do governments keep ignoring of the management of organic waste?

Because compared to other kind of wastes, illegal disposal of organic waste is not so noticeable. So people will not even notice if some mismanagement occurred。

Many local governments treat most of the organic waste with incineration or landfill directly, and refuse to seek proper treatment method。