DIY Organic Fertilizer Machine

Only 90 min, can convert organic waste into high quality organic fertilizer and can be applied immediately. Synchronously combine equipment and formula and re-innovate, it not only saves the energy consumption of the process, but also reduces the running cost of the enzyme-free enzyme.

The overall cost of the batch processing technology can be reduced by 30~50%, creating a new opportunity for environmental protection, agriculture and economic win-win. Applicable objects: Developing countries (corporate organizations, legal entities, NGOs, consortiums, government units that have strong intentions to improve environmental problems in local countries and promote agricultural economic development and promote the economic benefits of the people).


Organic Fertilizer System

[1] 3D convectional stirring blade: even mixing of materials and no caking

[2] Scissor-like model hydraulic lifting system: Stable, effort saving, durable

[3] Effort saving tank trolley: clip the tank for lifting and inversion

diy organic fertilizer part four

[4] High turning power transmit system: 2 speed chain and sprocket, deceleration motor

organic fertilizer machine part 5

[5] Smart burning control: automatic ignition system and automatic off detection

organic fertilizer machine part 6

[6] IP65 water resistant and anti-cracking: electro-magnetic valve, control panel and switch

organic fertilizer machine part 7

[7] Stainless steel standard tank for raw material, thickened bottom and with ventilation holes

organic fertilizer machine part 8

[8] Durable structure: 304 stainless steel main body, thick rubber wheels

5 Types of Organic Fertilizer Machine

organic composting machine

Commercial-type Equipment

Economical-type Equipment

Standard-type Equipment

Liquid-Type Treatment System

Organic Composting machine

Video of DIY organic fertilizer machine

Application of organic fertilizer machine: the issue of cultivation wastes


Meat diet desire of human, result in the prosperity of cultivation and all kind of manure produced afterward which became environmental protection issues of every country, people and NGO organization.

Without proper treatment of animal manure, not only pollute water also spread every kind of disease. The current treatment , such as polluted water treatment or methane regenerated power, take weeks which cannot meet daily huge quantity of animal manure, even more, all residues have to be dealt with compost, Is there any technology can deal with it ? The answer is composting-free technology!

● Composting-free Technology

Why organic fertilizer machine?

Composting-free create new opportunity for organic agriculture

Farmers applied volume of chemical fertilizer to increase harvest of crops. In fact, only 20% of chemical fertilizer absorbed by plant, because the phosphate, potassium in chemical fertilizer shall react with iron, albumin, calcium in the soil and whose product will not be easily to absorb by soil and result in salty soil that in unable to cultivate.

Volume of global chemical fertilizer increased

Poor soil result in less harvest of crops

Organic fertilizer completely absorbed by plant, farmer is not necessary to rely on chemical fertilizer which is to apply composting-free technology to recycle organic substance back to earth, complied circulation chain of ecology. By composting-free technology, the opportunity can be easily achieved

How DIY organic fertilizer could help the environment?

Greenhouse gas result in global warming seriously, and it is our responsibility to deal with the emission of methane, carbon dioxide and oxide nitrogen, as they not only result in global warming also waste organic substance. Through deal with them we can acquire carbon right and protect our earth.

According to research of FAO and Lacent, the total green house gas emission volume of cultivation reach 18% of global gas emission and much greater than gas emission of cars.

Composting-free equipment carbon foot point certification

The Operation Flow of the DIY Organic Fertilizer

diy organic fertilizer

How to operate a composting-free Organic Fertilizer Machine?

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