Organic Life Cycle in Nature

A: Actually the climate change is caused by the soil degradation and desertification, and its main reason is human nature unrestricted plunder the organic without returning it to the soil and earth after use.

A: People now pay great attention on food safety, but they ignores the most fundamental ingredients problem. When the soil lacks of organic matter, the health of crop will be affected. Farmer must use more chemical fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate. Just like we will get sick and have to take medicine when our body lacks of nutrients. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides may remain on food, long-term consumption of these chemical toxins will accumulate in our body and cause various illnesses.

A: It is because the absence of mention about the relationship between organics and nature in our education. And the government and media also ignore the importance of this issue.

A: Because compared to other kind of wastes, illegal disposal of organic waste is not so noticeable.  So people will not even notice if some mismanagement occurred.

If you are concerned about food safety and health, please exert your influence to send this to your family and friends. Let us urge the Government to address the problem of organic waste disposal!