In Australia, learning to throw garbage is a compulsory course or you will be fined!

When mentioned Australia, we immediately thought of blue water, blue sky and green kangaroos….The beautiful environment and the cleanliness of public places are inseparable from the people’s environmental protection concept and strict garbage disposal.

How do Australians keep it?

Living in Australia, learning to classify garbage is a compulsory course!

Although it may seem simple, but there are a lot of things in the details that require special attention. After all, littering in Australia will be fined. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read the government-issued waste sorting booklet, which contains six types of languages, including English, Chinese, Korean and etc, explaining on garbage sorting rules, regulations and precautions.

How about traveling or living in Australia? ? ?

You will find that every household here has its own garbage can!

Once in a week, you need to push the garbage can out of the door, and there are special personnel to help you clean up the garbage!

Remember to pay attention when throwing garbage or you will be fined!

Australia’s three-color system!

The three-color system, which means the three-color garbage cans, basically there is not much difference with the double barrel.

  • The Red-covered garbage bin is filled with general household garbage and is “non-recyclable” garbage.
  • The Green-covered garbage bin is filled with “green household garbage”, such as garbage from kitchen waste.
  • The Yellow-covered garbage bin is “recyclable garbage” such as waste paper, glass bottles, aluminum, iron cans, and hard plastic bottl

There are also rules about the way how garbage can is placed!

There are some rules and regulations regarding the placement of garbage cans:

  1. The distance between the two garbage cans should not less than 50cm.
  2. There should be no large obstacles within 1 meter of the garbage can, such as cars and trees.
  3. The weight of the trash cannot exceed 75 kg (some community requirements are less than 70 kg).
  4. The garbage can need to be placed between 0.5 meters and 1.0 meters away from the road (some communities specify between 0.5-1.5 meters).
  5. After the garbage is collected within 24 hours, the garbage can needs to be pushed back to the original place.

So what should we do with the garbage?

The government also provides recycling services for waste that is discarded and cannot be placed in garbage cans. These wastes are placed separately on the roadside by metal, garden plants and household waste, and are collected by three different trucks.

As in the future development, the recycle system will arrange separately according to different types of rubbish. The government provides the trucks in order manage the discarded metal