Do humans continue to rely on chemistry?

  • Use a large amount of chemical fertilizers to accelerate and increase crops for consumption
  • Extensive use of chemical additives to increase food flavor and preservation
  • Adding chemicals to environmental sources to purify drinking water sources
  • We should rethink the harm of chemical products

Our planet is suffering from a variety of pollution, including water pollution: such as aquaculture, industry, electronics, etc.; air pollution: such as petrochemical industry, thermal power generation, incinerators, etc.; land pollution: such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, electronics Heavy metal pollution of products.These are not only environmental problems, but also make our diets suffer from unprecedented poisons, such as pesticides and chemical fertilizer residues in agricultural products; antibiotics and hormone residues in meat products; heavy metal and poison pollution in drinking water, At all, it threatens our health.

Therefore, we should rethink how to change the existing agricultural economic model, otherwise the descendants of future generations will be polluted and poisoned environments and depleted resources.If mankind continues to plunder natural resources indiscriminately, it is believed that nature’s counterattack against humanity will be predictable and terrible.


As the demand for food continues to increase, humans have been harvesting crops without restrictions, extracting organic matter from the soil, and adding chemical fertilizers, people no longer use organic fertilizers to return organic matter to the soil, causing soil degradation and even Desertification.
When the soil lacks organic matter, the health of crops will of course be affected. Humans must use more chemical fertilizers and pesticides, just as the human body lacks nutrition and is prone to illness and needs to take medicine.However, too much chemical fertilizers and pesticides will remain on the crops. Long-term consumption of foods containing chemicals and toxins will accumulate in the body, causing the root cause of each disease.

In fact, we have forgotten that organic waste is the best raw material for the production of organic fertilizer. The long-term treatment of organic waste as waste not only makes our soil more and more barren, but also wastes these reusable resources.


There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers on the market, and the price is constantly rising. However, the production and development of agriculture lacks it. It is a reality for farmers and they have to be forced to accept.When farmers choose chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers are usually the primary choice because of the crop yield. However, another problem that is currently faced is that the same amount of fertilizer does not reach the previous fertilizer efficiency, and even the fertilizer composition is not true. In fact, the real reason is that the organic matter content of many cultivated land is low (see the right picture).Plants and humans need nutrients, but plants lack the body’s ability to break down macromolecular nutrients into digestive systems of small molecules that can be absorbed. Therefore, the decomposition of microorganisms or enzymes is needed to help nutrient absorption.A good organic fertilizer is an organic matter that is decomposed by microorganisms or enzymes, and is rich in small molecular nutrients. The chemical fertilizer is an undecomposed macromolecular compound. After fertilization, it needs to be decomposed by microorganisms in the soil to be Plants are absorbed, so although the chemical fertilizers are labeled with high nutrients such as NPK, the lack of many trace elements required by plants makes the plants less effective.

Fertilizer machine operating cost

raw material Buy or own 100kg raw material cost, for example, to produce DIY general fertilizer:
Use 60kg chicken manure x2 yuan / kg 30kg deciduous litter 1 yuan / kg = 150 yuan
formula Add about 3kg free stack DIY formula (2%) x 140 yuan / kg = 420 yuan
Power consumption Power 0.75 kW x operation 1. 5 hours x 3.5 yuan / kW = 3.9 yuan
Energy consumption A total of about 1kg of fuel (gas, diesel) is consumed x 25 yuan / kg = 25 yuan
Production capacity Output about 100kg free of DIY general organic fertilizer, cost only 6.0 yuan / kg

Remarks: National waste has been developed to pay for treatment, while waste from developing countries is sold as valuable materials.

Comparison table of commercially available organic fertilizer and free composting DIY pure organic fertilizer

Remarks: Listed organic fertilizers are for reference only. In order to meet the current market conditions, please compare the local organic fertilizer market price list.

Four advantages of compost free DIY fertilizer machine

Ø Safety: visible from raw materials to production

Let the farmers recycle the organic waste machine as raw materials. The production process has no added chemical components and is most safe to use.

Ø Economy: reducing the cost of organic agriculture

The label of commercially available organic fertilizer raw materials is often confused, and it is difficult for farmers to distinguish. However, based on the interests of the industry, the industry uses various scientific terms to package goods and take the opportunity to increase the price of fertilizer. In fact, returning to the essence of fertilizer is the only way to be effective and reduce costs. .

Ø Environmental protection: solving agricultural waste problems

The manure of the aquaculture industry is often directly discharged into rivers or disposed of at will, causing serious river pollution and health problems. If these waste resources can be reused, it is equivalent to improving environmental pollution.

Ø Effective: can improve soil fertility conditions