Standard model SUN-1500L

  • Processing Units and Operation/Converting the organic wastes into fertilizers or feed supplement within 3 to 8 hours

[1]Input & shattering device

U-shaped spiral unit of the machine transports feed stock to a shattering device. The rigid materials of the organic waste can be shattered directly without any pre-treatment/segregation. Precise and high performance of the shattering device converts the hard materials into slurry without any addition of water. Total active surface area of the shattered organic waste is increased several hundred folds.
[2]Transporting & decomposing system

The shattered organic waste residues are transported to a decomposing system. Addition of Composting-free microbial enzymes and supplementary materials shortens the processing time. Subsequently, residues are heated to 100℃ for steriliza­tion. The product following this process can be readily used as organic fertilizer.
[3]Compressing and exhausting system

Compressing and exhausting system evaporates excess water/moisture from the organic waste residues having higher moisture/water content. This system also shortens the total time required for drying the product. The processed water is non­polluting potable water and meets environmental safety stan­dards.
[4]Heating system

Specially designed heating and circulatory system is highly efficient, safe and durable. This system uses low cost recycled heating oil. This has numerous advantages such as, power-saving, rapid heating, sustained oil life, nil secondary pollution and meets environmental safety standards.
[5]Programmable control and safety systems

The multiple processes of the system are automated, controlled and programmable by user friendly software. All parts of the equipment are strong, sturdy, and durable. In addition, they meet higher safety standards while all other accessories and machine parts confirms with VDE, GS, UL, CE standards. (Mechanical control inter­faces are also available.)
[6]Recycled end product

The end product of this process is high quality soil conditioner or bioactive organic fertilizer popularly called as “environmen­tal fertilizer.” It is suitable for improving soil health and increasing nutrient absorption capacity of crops. When applied to soil, increases microbial activity and fertilization use efficiency.


『Standard model』

Standard model: includes SUN-1500L, SUN-3000L and SUN-5000L