Liquid Type Treatment System can differentiate into 2 models with different capacity:

Standard model and Commercial model are customized according to customer needs.

Standard Model -5000L: function, process and operation

  • Category of organic wastes treated:

    chicken blood, distiller’s grains, pig manure and urine.

  • Treatment capacity: 5000 liters / batch

  • Treatment time: 3~6 hours / batch

  • The Operation Process of the System KWFF-5000L

A U-type spiral transporter is used to feed raw materials to the shattering device.

Bones, clamshell, durian and other hard organic wastes can directly be shattered by a highly efficient shattering system. Pre-treatment or sorting of the hard-organic wastes is not required. It is not necessary to add water for shattering the organic wastes into the slurry.

The finely ground slurry is transported to the decomposing system.

The slurry will be ground further by a highly efficient grinding system, resulting in fine particle (200 meshes) which can also be used in spray applications.

The ground organic waste slurry is transported to the decomposing system. By adding microorganism, enzyme & organic substrate into the slurry, to reduce greatly the treatment time and achieve fast-treatment efficacy. The organic products after sterilization under high temperature and pressure comply with the nutritive requirement.

Heat is rapidly and stably transferred by a circulatory airtight heating system fueled by kerosene. This system has numerous advantages such as power-saver, short temperature gaps, faster heating, sustained oil life, nil secondary pollution, and compiles with environmental standards.

The end product of this process is a high quality liquid soil conditioner or bioactive liquid organic fertilizer, also called as “environmental fertilizer.” It is suitable for improving the soil quality and the absorption of nutrients by crops. When applied to soil, the fertilization efficacy of soil will dramatically be improved.

  • Product application:

    Bioactive organic fertilizer series (microbial liquid fertilizer)
    Effectiveness and “three steps of complete environmental protection”:
    With a view to achieving zero pollution during waste treatment, this novel bio-technological system, which can rapidly treat organic wastes and transform it to a safe liquid fertilizer, was invented. The production process involves a composting-free method without any wastewater generation or of public nuisance and successfully fulfills the first criteria of environmental protection. The final product is also environmentally safe, and can be applied as a fertilizer to the soil, which not only conserves nutrients but also reduces nutrient leaching, to fulfill the second criteria in environmental protection. Finally, the improvement in soil fertility by liquid fertilizer achieves the third step of complete environmental protection.
    ◎ Effectiveness: Promoting the growth of root, stem, leaf, flower and fruit, as well as crops
    ◎ Suitable crops: All types of agronomic, horticultural, cover crops and grasses.