『Economical model 』

SUN-3000L, SUN-5000L

Function and treating process of SUN 5000L:

  • Kinds of organic wastes treated:

    Agricultural dry organic waste like crop resides, saw dust etc.

  • Treatment capacity of SUN-5000L is 5000L.

  • Treatment time of SUN-5000L is 3 hours.

    (depending on water content, not exceed 50%).

  • Treating Process of the System SUN-5000L

A U-type spiral transporter is used to feed raw materials to the shattering device.

Hard organic substance can directly be shattered by a highly efficient shattering system.
The size of solid particles after the process is only 5~10mm.

The shattered organic waste residue after disintegration is transport to the decomposing system by suction blast.

The composting-free formula helps to reduce the treating time. The whole reaction time is about 1 hour at 100℃. The high temperature of the process can kill most of the disease germs. The process also achieves the final goal such as power-saving, high-speed, environment protection, fast-treatment.

Dehydrating the organic product by using special compressing technology, it can reduce the water content of the final product. The final product is not fully dried but can be use directly. You can also apply further sun shine for dry storage.

Soil conditioner, organic fertilizer, additives.

Application of product (fertilizer): bioactive organic solid fertilizer series (same as SUN-1500L)

The function and treating process of SUN-5000L is the same as those of SUN-5000L, the only difference is the treatment capacity.

※It is planed to be available in 2008.