Composting-free equipment history

Year 2000, Composting-free Technology 1.0

Yes-Sun announced the novel Composting-free Technology with the innovative concept of “no-composting on organic waste treatment”. The time required of converting the organic waste into fertilizer has been shortened from months to 3 hours by Composting-free Technology and simultaneously solved the water and air pollution issues.

Year 2008, Composting-free Technology 2.0

Yes-Sun started marketing the Composting-free Technology commercially, we attended the exhibitions in more than 20 countries and established distributor agents. Besides, the Composting-free Technology has been awarded the invention patent in more than 40 countries including the United States, Japan and European Union (29 countries), etc.

Year 2015, Composting-free Technology 3.0

Yes-Sun developed the “Agriculture-Oriented” DIY Fertilizer Machine, and by cooperating with global certification company BSI, the low carbon emission of Composting-free Technology was verified. Report issued by BSI show that the Composting-free treatment can reduces more than 95% of carbon dioxide emission compared to traditional methods.

Year 2018, Composting-free Technology 4.0

With new technology of Industrial 4.0 such as Cyber-Physical System(CPS) controls, Internet of things (IoT) sensors, and cloud big data analyses, the Composting-free equipment and formula are integrated more solid and better efficiency, which can greatly reduce the cost of treatment and create more profit.

Composting-free Equipment/Composting Machine

We upgraded the standardized equipment including COM-500L and DIY-150L with new IoT technology. More operation parameters are recorded and controlled by the new IoT sensors attached to system, such as environment temperature, material temperature, mixing speed, heating power and other reaction parameters. All data are transmitted to cloud server through internet and analysed in real-time. The operation parameters will be automatic adjusted by software to ensure the enzymes are in best reaction condition for entire process.

Composting-free Formula (Composting-free Enzymes & nutrient materials)

With new Composting-free equipment with IoT and cloud data analysis, the operation parameters of the new Composting-free formula can be optimized in best condition. Thus, users can adopt the new extracted Composting-free enzymes with lower the application cost and higher reaction efficiency, and the reaction time of the enzymes can be controlled more precisely.

Composting-free Technology 4.0 has integrated hardware equipment and software formula in a brand-new way to save the energy consumption and the operation cost of formula simultaneously. As a result, the total operation cost of Composting-free treatment will be cut down by 30~50%, and create new win-win opportunities for both environmental protection, agricultural and economy.

System name

Solid fertilizer treatment system

Liquid fertilizer treatment system

Equipment type

STD. SUN-5000L






ECO. SUN-5000L

ECO. SUN-5000L

DIYFertilizer Machine DIY-150L

DIYFertilizer Machine DIY-150L