• SUN-500L Capacity: 2000L/day

Applicable: Recurrent small quantity industry or daily wastes, can be treated locally

Application: Food processing factory, hotel, restaurant, school, army, prison, etc.

Models: Daily capacity 1000L, 2000L and 4000L are available (Wet Fertilizer)

Composting-free Formulated Enzymes

It is combined with the enzyme and materials, which can reach the best effect of fast treatment, waste recycling, and carbon sequestration at the same time

Treatment Process

Composting-free Digestion

Decomposition System

Torque motor

Heat-resistant shaft seal
Ribbon blade
Double-sprocket drive

Shattered materials are transported into the decomposition system. Add the Compositing-free enzymes for reaction. The ribbon blade is powered by high-torque motor and chains. It can mix the material uniformly and avoid consolidation. The equipment is designed with heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions

Heating System

FIR Temperature Sensor

Precision Control
Thermal Insulation Layer
FIR Heating Tube

Heating tubes are controlled by the PLC or industrial computer. FIR temperature sensor and thermal insulation layer can effectively reduce the heating time and save energy up to 60% or more. The material is heated to high temperatures to kill harmful pathogens and seeds

Drying System

Patented Cover

Cooling Nozzles
Heat-resistant Seal Rubber
Condensate recovery guide slot

Patented airtight condensing drying device can effectively prevent the odor and heat leak out. It can dry the material quickly without air and water pollution, and meet the requirements of energy-saving, environmental protection and sanitation.

Electrical Control System

Programmable Control

Human Interface
Tool Storage

Automation PLC or industrial computer systems are equipped with hundreds of material parameters. Automated process can reduce the manpower requirement. Ergonomic operation panel, tool storage space is available.

Shattering System (Optional)

Triangular Cutter Block

SKD Cutters
Wet or Dry

Shattering system is design for variety of organic waste (optional), and the particle size of material is adjustable. It can be used to shatter dry material like leaves and branches or wet material like kitchen waste. The cutters are made with high hardness SKD metal, and the cutter blocks are special designed in triangle shape.

Conveyor system(Optional)

Feeding of Decomposition System

Discharging of Decomposition System
Discharging of Shattering System

Multi-functional transportation system (optional) can transport the shattering materials into the decomposition system. Food-grade (heat & chemical resistant) pneumatic pump can be used to discharge the wet fertilizer after reaction, or applied as auxiliary set while cleaning the device

Central Control System(Optional)

Parallel Operation

Remote Control
Operation Records

Commercial-type central control system (optional) can be used for parallel operation monitoring. Customers can monitor the operation remotely through the Internet, and the operation record can be used as the reference of the quality management.

Kitchen Treatment Demonstration

Pig Manure Treatment

Cattle Manure Treatment

Chicken Waste Treatment

Leave and Branches Treatment


『Commercial model』