With advances in science and technologies at the end of the 20th century, the human being conquer the space, launch satellites to boost the rapid development of information and the Internet, which prompts integration between different countries & regions as well as integration between the enterprises and cultures. There is no longer distance among the countries and no barriers among the enterprises and the cultures. Under the impact of the trend of globalization, the decision-making capability of the countries and governments and the influences of the enterprises and cultures stand severe trials at any time due to information transparency. We may easily find that a leader may be spurned away by the people due to loss of good faith, and a famous enterprise may be criticized by the public opinion due to violation of business ethics, thus incurring stepping down or collapsing during one night. To find out the whys and the wherefores, we may find that nothing more than lacking of moral and faithful concept of the leaders and the responsible persons. So-called sustainable business is to pursue long-lasting value and only by bringing the traditional beliefs and concepts into the business model of enterprise may an enterprise sustain the fundamental conditions of a sustainable business.

Enterprises are the lifeline of economic development of a country; however, while pursuing growth, the natural environment and natural resources are usually excessively exhausted, and so leading to the risks of ecological balance on the earth. Therefore, the appeals for the multi-national corporations to shoulder environmental moral and social responsibilities increase day by day around the world. As a result of this, Yes-Sun Co., Ltd., at the business commencing created the vision of “Resource Recycling” and made the enterprise culture value as basing upon “Technology & Innovation”. On the one hand, Yes-Sun, by creating a “Environment Pollution Free” as the pivot point of fulfillment, integrates research results of scientists in different fields to develop commercial products meeting market needs, and thus trying to leave the society the values and assets of some historical eternal meaning; on the other hand, Yes-Sun relies on “Technology” to achieve a “Innovation” culture model, promotes new technologies for sharing with the government and the civilian communities through interaction with other parties, and thus enables more people to treasure the limited and precious natural resources and treat the natural environment properly to safeguard the citizen responsibility for social moral.

With the natural ecology damaged and deterioration of environmental pollution, the world is at the turning point of business condition changes; in the old thinking, the environmental damage and waste of natural resources are not counted into the cost of the economic system and the Green GDP is ignored. Vicious competition of the market leads to misuse of resources and environmental pollution, and severely endangers the natural ecology. Hence, the enterprises have greater social responsibilities and no longer to bring down the value of the primitive resources manually, on the contrary they have to depart from the traditional value and create new business operation rules. As sociologist Kappa William has put it, “during any decision making process, if based on investment for making money, it will only minimize the cost with the damages passed on to the third parties, the immense society or environment”. So, the governments, enterprises and civilian communities shall work together to find a development strategy by which the human being may exist in harmony with the environmental ecology. For instance, the book “Green Capitalism” that creates the model of new economy proves that “increasing resource productivity will not only substantially reduce the damages caused by the enterprises to the environment, but also cultivate new sense of mission and recognition of the environment and enterprise among the employees”, which is the business rule for sustainable development and only way out of the enterprise.

We sincerely hope that the “Composting-free Technology®” invented by Yes-Sun Co., Ltd., may solve the conflicts encountered by the governments and enterprises around the world in striking a balance between economic development and environmental protection and whereby discarding the economic development myth of self restriction in zero sum game. It is absolutely irresponsible to obtain interests by wasting natural resources; similarly, economic growth achieved through environmental damage is not in the overall socio-economic interest, nor shall be considered as the economic growth of the country. The governments, enterprises and civilian communities shall closely work together to make more concrete contribution in terms of environmental protection. Only by proving that one’s acts are justified can one properly fulfill his responsibility as part of the world.