About Yes-Sun Environmental Biotech

Yes-Sun Environmental Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. With more than 20 years’ experience in medical instruments and devices, Mr. Shing-Hong Lee, CEO of Yes-Sun, deeply believes that the deteriorating environment can be corrected in a medical way. He thinks that an enterprise must concurrently manage environmental protection and its feedback to the society while pursuing corporate profits.

Responsible, Social Enterprise

Facing the living crisis resulting from global warming and the debates over environmental protection, people are asking what the responsibilities are of an enterprise toward its society and environment. We need to constantly ask the government to appropriate budgets or expect entrepreneurs to donate money for environmental protection. However, is this solution meeting the public expectations? It is Yes-Sun’s belief to “contribute to the society with what is obtained through it.” Therefore, besides the operative goal for the company to create maximum profits for shareholders, we also expect Yes-Sun to be a responsible business and a member of the “Social Enterprise,” contributing to the general public and environmental protection.

The secondary pollution derived from processing organic disposals in different countries have not only harmed the environment the second time, its pollutants are also insufferable to the human body. The overall social resources are squandered endlessly. How to effectively make use of the regeneration value of the organic waste and “turn the trash into gold” has hence become an R&D priority for our company.

Scholars and Experts

As such, our company invited scholars and experts in the fields of biochemistry, soil science, botany, environmental engineering, medicine, and animal science etc., to form a strong R&D team. Under the leadership of Dr. Chiu-Chung Yang and Dr. Ying-Chieh Tsai, the team has accumulated many years of experiences in its devotion to the research and development of organic waste processing technologies and has combined development of hardware equipment with CEO Lee’s expertise in the medical instruments and devices industry. Through numerous times of trials and errors, the practical efficacy of the“composting-free technology”and “composting-free equipment” is verified successfully. Our “composting-free technology” is gaining prominence internationally.

Who we are? A Story of Yes-Sun

Taiwan is a beautiful island laden with mountains, rivers and creeks. The natural landscape is much enriched. In the process of commercial development in the past, it created the economic miracle and opened the world’s eyes. From a least-developed and poor country that lived on foreign aids to the present progress and prosperity, the environmental pollution has also resulted. The genesis of the “composting-free technology” proves our efforts in environmental protection. The process and experience are the one and only example to be learned from and referenced by developing countries.

Our Concept & Vision

“Constant innovations and keeping abreast of others” is the management concept to consolidate our position in the market and bring about new hopes. With the self-expectations to be the world’s No. 1, leading in technology and products, we are not only the bio-technology developers but also the spearheads in consolidating environmental protection through bio-technology.

It is our hope that the “composting-free technology” is an effective solution to the re-utilization of organic waste and is even helpful in abating global warming and improving our environment. We at Yes-Sun have always considered ourselves as a member of the global village. Our enthusiasm and active attitude toward environmental protection have stayed unchanged. Minimizing environmental pollution is the goal that we strive for. We expect to work together with citizens in the world and share with them the efficacy of the innovative “composting-free technology,” realizing the vision of environmental protection without borders.