Activity data survey analysis

  • Draft system boundary document。
  • Activity data survey and form filling。
  • Collect relevant supporting documents and file。
  • Internal verification and product carbon footprint software calculation

  • Implement internal verification and data revision.
  • According to the factory fill-in form, the software calculates the target product carbon footprint (this lifecycle software is Gabi, Germany).
  • The system boundary specification document is finalized.

  • carbon03

    Data revision and completion of product carbon footprint report

  • Data correction and product carbon footprint confirmation after software calculation.
  • Compile the carbon footprint inventory.
  • Write a product carbon footprint survey report.
  • Product carbon footprint verification stage

  • Document review related information.
    • ?Product Carbon Footprint Report
    • ?Send the documents required by the verification company
    • ?Carbon footprint inventory
    • ?System boundary specification file
    • ?Prepare relevant supporting documents for the preparation of the external audit
  • External verification.
    • ?Relevant departments cooperate with audit
    • ?Prepare documents required for relevant audits
    • ?Cooperate with external verification
    • ?Provide factory consultation
    • ?Correction related missing
  • carbon06

    Commercial type500LCarbon Footprint1649.8kg/set


    DIYFertilizer machine carbon footprint808.7kg/set


    Organic waste treatment carbon footprint


    handling carbon emissions per ton