In response to the trend of Internet connection, the development of support for the DIY fertilizer machine and the cloud data are cool. You can monitor the device status and view the operation record through the mobile APP at the remote end.


Free-to-stack commercial equipment, DIY fertilizer machine, and stack-free treatment have passed BSI carbon footprint certification, which proves that the heap-free treatment can reduce carbon emissions by more than 95% compared with traditional composting and rapid fermentation.


Subverting the traditional environmental protection waste treatment thinking, taking the agricultural fertilizer application as the starting point, the dump-free DIY fertilizer machine is listed


Promoting the upgrading of kitchen waste processing technology in Taipei, Taipei City Councilor Li Weigui and the New Environment Foundation Dr. Lin Yangtai held a public hearing yesterday to recommend the kitchen waste technology


Participated in the Turkey Pavilion of the Foreign Trade Association to participate in the ICCI 2013 Environmental Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. During the exhibition, it was interviewed by many TV and print media.


The Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan and the Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau visited the Exemption Technology Demonstration Exhibition Hall