• Through enormous application of chemical fertilizer to expedite and increase crops to feed.
  • Through enormous application of chemical additives to enhance food flavor and reserve.
  • Through adding chemical reagents to purify drinking water as of environment pollution.
  • We should reconsider the dangers from chemical products

Our planet is suffering from a wide range of pollution, including water pollution: such as aquaculture, industrial, electronics, etc; Air pollution, such as the petrochemical industry, power generation, incinerators, etc; Land pollution, such as chemical fertilizer, pesticides, heavy metal from electronic product, etc. These are not only environmental problems, but also harm our diet with variety of toxic materials. Such as pesticides and chemical fertilizer remains in agriculture products; Antibiotics and hormones from meat products; Heavy metals and toxic chemical of drinking water. All these seriously threat our health.

Therefore, we should reconsider our current agricultural economics model. Otherwise we will leave a toxic environment and depleted resources to our future generations. If we keep spending the natural resources without any restriction, the nature will feed back with all kind of terrible disasters.


As of the increasing demand for food, human unlimitedly extracted the organic matter from soil. Coupled with the invention of chemical fertilizer, people no longer use the organic fertilizer, which discontinue returning the organic matter to the soil. Resulting in soil degradation, and even desertification

The health of crops will surely be affected when the soil is deficient in organic matter . Thus, humans must use more chemical fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate. Just like we need to take medicines when our body is short of nutrition and susceptible to illness. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides may remain on food , long-term consumption of these chemical toxins will accumulate in our body and cause various disease.

In fact, we all forgot the best raw material of organic fertilizer is organic waste. We all considered organic waste as garbage for long time. This make our soil become barrens and waste the reusable resource.


There are variety of commercial chemical fertilizers available in market. Even though the price of the fertilizer continuous to rise, we still can not go on without it for the agricultural production and development. And it is a helpless situation and irresistible reality for farmers. While farmers considering between the chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer, the production efficiency is always the top factor, so the chemical fertilizers are usually the first choice. But recently farmers have encountered a new issue. Even they use the same amount of fertilizer, they can no longer get the same production like before. Some farmers doubt for the content of the fertilizer, but the real reason is their lands are lack of organic matter ingredients (see right  figure). Plants, just like human being, need nutrients to live on. But the plants are lack of digestive system like humans, which help us decompose the large molecules of nutrients into absorbable small particles. Therefore, the plants need the help from microorganisms or enzymes to decompose the molecules of nutrients. Good organic fertilizers are made with well-decomposed organic matter, so they are rich in small molecule of nutrients. However, the chemical fertilizers are from with non-decomposed compounds, so after fertilizing the plants need to wait for microbial decomposition before they can absorb it. This is the reason of even the ingredients of chemical fertilizers are labeled with higher NPK and other nutrients, but the plants can not absorb the nutrients easily. It is because the chemical fertilizers lack of some essential trace elements required by many plants.

Operation Cost of Composting-free DIY Fertilizer Machine

Material: Cost for buying or getting 100kg raw materials, take general-use DIY fertilizer
for example: 60kg chicken manure + 30 kg leaves = 5.00 USD
Enzyme Add 3kg CFT DIY Enzyme (2%) x 4 .00 USD/kg = 12.00 USD
Power Consume 0.75 kw x 1. 5 hour x 0.22 USD/kwh = 0.24 USD
Fuel Consume 1kg fuel (LPG, diesel) x 0.82 USD/kg = 0.82 USD
Product Get 100kg organic fertilizer, cost 0.19 USD/kg

Remark: The waste require treatment cost in developed countries, but it is still valuable for sold in developing countries.

Compare table of commercial organic fertilizer and CFT DIY fertilizer

Remark: The listed commercial organic fertilizers are only for reference, please apply your local price condition for comparison.

4 Advantages of CFT DIY Fertilizer Machine

ØSafe: All you can control from input to output

By making the farmers recycle their own organic wastes as raw material, and process them without any chemical additives, will make the fertilizer reliable to use.

ØEconomic: Reduce the cost of organic farming

The labels on commercial organic fertilizers are usually confused on raw materials. This make it difficult for farmers to identify the quality of fertilizer. Due to the profit reason, the fertilizer manufacturer have used variety of science and technical phases on marketing their fertilizer in order to rise the price. In fact, returning to the essence of the real effective fertilizer is the best policy of effeteness and cost reduction.

ØEnvironment Friendly: Solve the waste deposal issue

Livestock industry often discharge the manure to rivers or throw away, which have caused serious river pollution and health problems. If we can make these wastes recycling, the environmental problems will thus been improved.

ØEffeteness: Improve the soil condition

Organic fertilizers contain essential trace elements for plant growth, it is also capable to activate the soil, and improve the nutrients absorption rate of plants.