Standard-type Equipment


『Standard model』

Standard model: includes SUN-1500L, SUN-3000L and SUN-5000L

SUN-1500L: function, process and operation:

  • SUN-1500L Kinds of organic wastes treated:

    kitchen wastes, vegetable and fruit wastes, fish wastes, fermented wastes, sludge, and excretion of animals.

  • SUN-1500L Treatment capacity: 5,000 liters

  • SUN-1500L Treatment time: 3~8 hours/batch

    (according to the water content of wastes, highest water content ≦80%)

  • Operation process of SUN-5000L:

A U-type spiral transporter is used to feed raw materials to the shattering device. The organic hard materials contained in the organic waste can be directly disintegrated without any need to be removed. The precise and high-efficiency disintegration equipment can disintegrate the organic hard material into pulp without adding water during the treatment.

This system transports the slurry to the decomposing system. The active surface area of organic waste resides has been increased 100 times after shattering, by adding microbial enzyme and additives, which can greatly shorten the treatment time and sterilize at a high pressure (100 ° C or higher) to achieve the benefits of rapid processing. The finished product is in line with organic fertilizer.

After decomposition process, applied high technological compressed air exhausting system, separate air-liquid in close system to treat high water-content wastes, can reduce energy consumption and drying period. The air and water exhausted are completely reaching the standard of safety.

Heat is rapidly and stably transferred by a circulatory airtight heating system fueled by kerosene. This system has numerous advantages such as power saving, short temperature gaps, faster heating, sustained oil life, no secondary pollution, and complies with environmental standards.

The system designed for multiple-purpose, provided with available software easy-operation and full automation, constructed under high-standard supervision, and all spare parts fulfill the certification of VDE, GS, UL, CE. (options also available)

The end product of this process is a high-quality soil conditioner or bioactive organic fertilizer, also called as “environmental fertilizer.” It is suitable for improving the soil quality and the absorption of nutrient by crops. When applied to soil, the fertilization efficiency of soil will dramatically be improved.

Bioactive organic solid fertilizer series:

  • Specific characteristics:The product can be used as both soil conditioner and organic fertilizer.
  • Environmentally safe fertilizer:The product is safe for land applications and protects national and social interests.
  • Functions:The product will increase crop production and nutrient composition of root, stem, leaves, flower and fruits.
  • Suitable crops:The product can be used for all agronomic, horticultural and turf crops.
  • Suitable soils:The product can be used for all kinds of soils, particularly for the acidic and leached soils.
  • SUN-3000L; SUN-5000L equipment functions and processes are the same as those described in the SUN-1500L, only the batch processing volume is different.